A unique combination of both powers -Colors & Gems -  in one painting

Energy Pictures


Energy Pictures

are created during a relaxation technique that gives the artist the possibility of completely concentrating on the picture.


They give people and their environment strength and inspiration. 

In our surroundings, one can find many factors that influence energies. Our own energy, that of our partner, our kids and so on – all of those energies, sent out every day, stay in our rooms and they cannot be “cleaned out” just by letting in fresh air. We often enter rooms where we feel uncomfortable, get tired more easily and that give us the urge to leave the room right away.

Are you unable to come to rest in your own bedroom? Do you have nightmares and sleepless nights? It could be because of accumulated energies.  


These can be smoked out or influenced by colors and healing stones. Colors and gems have their own kind of energy.


I cordially invite you to learn more about this on my other websites. 

Healing Stones

Healing stones are used in the fields of alternative medicine and naturopathy. The stones support the healing process during illnesses and generally ameliorate your state of mind. Healing stones were already put to use in ancient times. First accounts of their usage were recorded by Aristotle, but also alchemists and, later on, Hildegard von Bingen chronicle the stones’ potency. A therapy with energy stones presupposes that the stones radiate certain vibration energies that are beneficial for body, mind and soul. Furthermore, the minerals they incorporate and their specific color help with the process. 



Who I am

Born 1976 in Haldenleben, I spent my youth in Magdeburg and since 2000, I work and live in Wolfsburg.


I began to paint and to experiment with different colors and materials in 2012. As of 2013, I participated in various seminars on the power of energies and its impact. I specialized on working with minerals.

I have been following my calling and creating pictures using precious and semi-precious stones since 2015.



Nowadays, I successfully lead an online shop and am booked for workshops. My love of painting and playing with colors and their relation to minerals is the core element of my work.





Sandra Kolodjezak

38440 Wolfsburg



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